In The Night

by xSAXONx

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released January 16, 2013

recorded in Glasgow at 16 ohm recording studio -



all rights reserved



Old School Hardcore from Scotland, Korky gonna stomp da poseurs!

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Track Name: In the Night
darkness falls and we hit the streets
looking for something that we can eat
a meal for 2, 4, 6 or 8
reclaim the waste the state creates
in the night

darknes falls and we're out again
I saw your ass hanging from the bin
took what we need and then moved on
if it feels so right then it can't be wrong
in the night
Track Name: Fair Trade
ethical consumer
consuming all the same
doesn't really matter
how you choose to pass the blame
Track Name: Religious Fraud
religious fraud

there is no god
Track Name: Diamonds and Crust
star studded hipsterism
a sickness in our scene
the age old post ironic stance
don't you know what I mean?

musical statues all around
afraid to make the wrong move
seems there's nothing left to say
and nothing left to prove
Track Name: Breaking the Edge
I've got a vegan sausage
I've got some vegan cheese
I'll eat some vegan potatoes
with my vegan peas

breaking The edge

straight edge since I was thirteen
four months and five days
seven hours and four minutes
that's what my diary says

I smell bacon
I smell bacon

javole, javole

full fat dairy
full fat dairy
Track Name: Crouchy
Track Name: Take it Back
at the CS desk
refund request
return of faulty goods
this system is no use

take it back and you will see
you are your own monopoly
Track Name: G.G.G.G.
originally by Step On It
Track Name: Screaming for Breakfast
slow down take a look around
smell the coffee freshly ground

beans on toast readybrek
get some scran down your neck

enjoy the most important meal
of the day
Track Name: Defenders of the Faith
originally by Judas Priest
Track Name: Power and the Glory
all along were we not friends
more than just a means to an end
did we not stand side by side
DIY until we die

sticking together all the way
or follow the path of shallow fame
you take our love and you abuse it
you'll never understand that there's more than music

knuckle scrapes climb the ladder of power
reach the heights of the ivory tower