by xSAXONx

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11 track cassette EP, £3 plus postage, shoot us a message

Recorded March-June 2013 in Edinburgh by Tom fae Oi Polloi


released June 8, 2014



all rights reserved



Old School Hardcore from Scotland, Korky gonna stomp da poseurs!

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Track Name: You don't Need It
Get off that land and go get dressed,
Don’t come back ‘till i see you’re wearing a fleece-lined thermal vest!
You don’t need it – you don’t need it x2

Take of that helmet, get off your bike
If you don’t pack a grand’s worth of kit you’ll never get it right!
You don’t need it – you don’t need it x2
Track Name: Power of people
The Power of People
Track Name: Let it Go
Dragging you down like concrete boots
Lying until it all comes true
Wrapping yourself up in the past
How long does this suffering have to last
Pulling the world around you like a fist
Spend your days living in a red mist
Open your fingers let it fall away
Tomorrow can be a brand new day
Go! – let it go x4
You gotta let it go x4
Track Name: Zero Fucks
Police and thieves
No fucks given
Politics and beliefs
No fucks given
Suppressing our dreams
No fucks given
No Fucks Given!
Track Name: Close of Sale
Final reduction on a life spent in service to a system
That put a price on every step you took
Out of time, end of line
Close of sale x2

You might have served your time but now your times up
The end of all that you once knew
And just what step can you take when the system says fuck you
Close of sale x2
Track Name: Imperial Standard
This aint to time to fall in love or into the austerity trap
Spark a Molotov and burn out the wealth gap
Burnt our cars, and burnt out people,
How much hotter does it need to get?
Imagine a world
With no imperial standard.
Track Name: Barriers
Did you ever stop to think about all the things that you’ve ever demanded?
Taken in the awe of what your privilege has commanded
Being conscious of yourself and aware of your surroundings
All the simple everyday things that you take for granted
I’ve seen the fear in your eye, I’ve seen the determination
I’ve seen the desire and I’ve seen the discrimination
I’ve seen your will to live, all the love that you have to give

Barriers - Line em up, watch them fall, knock them down one and all x4
Track Name: Systematic
We all take part in creating the system
Which part will you make?
What will you choose to take?
Track Name: Fighting the World
Manowar cover song
Track Name: Did You See All of the Show?
Cops on their way before the first note had rang out
Was it time to write it all off barely out the trap
On the phone, ring around, a solution needed to be found
Grab a genie, hit the road, we’ll take this party outta town.

Were you there? Did you know? Did you see all the show? X4

The bands played on as the sun went down
Electric energy that felt so strong
Coming together, to make things better
No gods, no masters
Track Name: Moving Forward
Shot down, all guns blazing
In the night, seems so amazing
Hit the deck, lights out
Unbroken, stand up and shout
This dogs gonna have more than one day
Moving forward, the only way
Nailed down, prepare for the shock
Blast off, heading back to the top
Iron wheels, won’t bring me down
Immortal, give me the crown
This dogs gonna have more than one day
Moving forward, the only way